Is TimTheTatMan joining 100 Thieves? Twitch star ‘teases’ future announcement

Alan Bernal. Last updated: May 17, 2021
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100 Thieves / TimTheTatman

Popular Twitch streamer Timothy ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar teased a big ‘opportunity’ coming up soon for him, sparking speculation that he might finally  join 100 Thieves.

Among the popular Twitch streamer network, TimTheTatman is connected with the biggest names that rep everything from 100 Thieves to FaZe Clan, and everything in between. Interestingly enough, though, the 31-year-old streamer has gone unsigned to a big org.

But that’s been working just fine for Tim; he has his own brand that’s been attracting nearly 45,000 viewers per stream, about 8,000 new Twitch followers per month, and is in the top 60 of most successful streamers on the platform, according to Twitch data site SullyGnome.

Tim is doing alright for himself as an independent streamer, but that could change if speculation that he’s joining 100 Thieves turns out to be true.

In recent months, everyone from 100T co-owner CouRage and even TimTheTatman himself have entertained the possibility of him joining a top-tier org.

Even though names like 100 Thieves and FaZe Clan have been linked to Tim, Twitch Chat went crazy over news of exactly where the streamer would be staying during his trip to Los Angeles during a recent broadcast.

“I have business in LA, alright?” Tim said on stream. “I can’t confirm or deny what it is. I have business in LA. I’m gonna be staying at the 100 Thieves house with the boys.

That’s the bottomline, okay? That may or may not have any correlation with me being in LA.”

Of course, this sent Twitch Chat in a frenzy and sparked even more rumors of why exactly Tim was going to the City of Angels in early June.

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More CouRage YouTube
A thumbnail for one of CouRage’s videos in March poking fun at speculation of TimTheTatman signing with 100 Thieves. “It’s time TimTheTatman joins 100 Thieves,” CouRage said.

He did say the opportunity presented to him was “a really cool” one, and if conversations pan out successfully, that he would have something exciting to announce.

While it’s unclear what that could mean, CouRage has been insistent on signing Tim to 100 Thieves. Meanwhile, leaks have suggested that conversations within 100 Thieves have been taking place to at least consider signing TimTheTatman.

It’s still unclear if Tim is joining the popular LA org, but it sounds like something official will be announced soon.