TimTheTatman denies knowing “anything” about Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban

Michael Gwilliam
TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect after Twitch ban

For two weeks, the Twitch world has been waiting with bated breath for any details about Dr Disrespect’s reportedly permanent ban from the platform. With no reason for his suspension available, viewers have been flocking to those closest to Doc for any scrap of information they can find.

During a July 13 broadcast, popular streamer Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar addressed that many of Dr Disrespect’s viewers had been coming to watch him play and had an unfortunate slip of the tongue.

“There’s a lot of Doc refugees here, I’m sure. For now, so. Appreciate you hanging out, chat,” Tim casually said. “You guys are welcome here.”

Right after he finished addressing Dr Disrespect’s viewers, Tim realized he had used a poor choice of words.

“For now,” he repeated. “Oh God, dude. Here we go. Dude, don’t even clip it! It wasn’t a breadcrumb! I don’t know anything!”

With rumors swirling about what is next for Dr Disrespect and why he was banned on Twitch, it’s easy to see why the “for now” comment could easily be taken out of context.

“It wasn’t a breadcrumb!” Tim repeated. “I don’t know anything! I don’t!”

Has Dr Disrespect spoken to anyone?

As it turns out, Tim seems to have been truthful. Esports journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau took to Twitter to address those remarks and others made in recent weeks.

“Just to be absolutely clear, TimTheTatman nor NICKMERCS has spoken to Dr Disrespect since the ban, and to my knowledge, no other streamer has either,” Slasher said.

Additionally, he noted how Dr Disrespect has not responded to his personal requests to speak with him since being banned on Twitch.

As people are desperate for news on the two-time, it’s clear that streamers may need to be extra careful about what they say. Hopefully, however, we get some information sooner than later and this mystery can be put to rest for good.

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