When will shroud make a return to streaming?

Joe Craven
Shroud with YT and Twitch logos

Shroud fans across the world have been left scratching their heads at the disappearance of the ex-CS:GO pro turned streamer, after Mixer’s shutdown.

Shroud and the collapse of Mixer

Shroud, alongside Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, surprised much of the gaming community with his 2019 move to Microsoft’s Mixer. After years of cultivating an audience on Twitch, the move to a brand new platform came as a bit of a risk.

However, the collapse of Mixer has provided both men with an opportunity to chart their next move in the streaming world. While viewership for them both was down on Mixer, reports suggest that the two made around $40 million between them, for less than a year’s streaming.

Mixer logo and background
Streaming platform Mixer unexpectedly shut down in June.

Ninja, for his part, has been rumored to be in discussions with both YouTube Gaming and Twitch over his next long-term home. Shroud’s future, however, is more unclear.

While there has been frequent appearances of Ninja, including live streaming on YouTube, shroud has been totally silent since June 22.

Will shroud move to YouTube, or come back to Twitch?

His last public comment read: “I appreciate the Mixer community and everything I’ve been able to do on the platform. I love you guys and am figuring out my next steps.”

Given his popularity, it seems likely that shroud is also weighing up his future streaming options. Both he and Ninja were given the option to move to Facebook Gaming as Mixer closed down, but reports state that neither accepted this offer.

It seems likely then, that shroud will make a return to Twitch or YouTube, similar to the current discussions surrounding Ninja. A move to somewhere like DLive or Trovo is not entirely off the table, but shroud’s standing as one of the world’s biggest online entertainers make Twitch or YouTube far more likely.

When is shroud streaming again?

As for when he will make a return, only shroud knows for now. His absence over the last few weeks appears to suggest he is finalizing his next home, and a return to streaming seems likely as soon as that is decided.

It’s unconfirmed, but shroud’s affinity for streaming suggests he won’t be away for much longer. There should be an announcement within the next few weeks, and he’ll be back on our web browsers then – but this is only speculation for now.