PewDiePie concerned by Dr Disrespect’s “scary” Twitch ban

Brent Koepp

[jwplayer IX7jLp7f]YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg reacted to Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban during his July 8 stream, and was floored by the shocking nature of it. The Swede found the lack of information around the incident “scary.”

On June 26, Twitch’s biggest star Dr Disrespect was suddenly removed from the platform. Reports claimed the streamer had been permanently banned, and at the time of writing there still has been no official reason for the company’s decision.

YouTube’s number one individual content creator PewDiePie decided to weigh in on the incident during his latest broadcast. The Swedish entertainer was stunned by the situation, and explained why Mixer’s closure was “interesting timing.”

The popular YouTuber reacted to Twitch banning Dr Disrespect during his stream.

PewDiePie shocked by Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban

For his July 8 broadcast, the YouTuber brought back his popular show PewNews to tackle the latest drama. During the segment, the Swedish star reacted to Dr Disrespect’s ban on Twitch. “Three months ago, Twitch were ready to put down the money as an investment on this guy. And now he’s permanently banned? That’s crazy!” he exclaimed.

He then said that the streamer probably regretted not signing with Mixer.”Dr Disrespect gotta to be so mad he didn’t sign with Mixer. Jesus Christ, dude! He signed with Twitch hoping for the future, instead of grabbing the big money… “I’m better off signing with Twitch,” I bet that’s what he thought. Oh God, it hurts!” he joked.

The Swede then pointed out that streamers Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins both “got bank for no work” after Mixer closed down. While watching Doc’s Twitch deal announcement video that was posted in March, he joked, “He ain’t laughing now!”

The Swedish star was floored by Twitch’s lack of information on the decision, and was shocked when he read a report that they wouldn’t be commenting on it further. “What!? Why not!? That’s nuts. He’s done. That’s crazy! That’s so scary! What did he do!?”

Pewds then highlighted the timing of Mixer shutting down and his ban. “The timing of Mixer shutting down to Dr Disrespect being banned is an interesting timing, at least. I don’t think that’s the causing factor, but it’s definitely an incentive. Mixer shut down, so he can’t go over there. So if we ban him, we don’t have to f**king pay him,” he said.

Despite the possible explanation, PewDiePie went on to say that the theory doesn’t make any sense either. He then exclaimed, “There must be a serious reason why. They must have something to back this up!” before joking, “I guess we’ll just have to find what happens in court.”

While the entertainer has been hesitant to bring back his PewNews segment in the past, he finally decided to re-launch a live version of it for his fans. The content creator re-iterated that he doesn’t really care about drama, but found Dr Disrespect’s ban shocking.