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TikTok’s Ariana Grande lookalike Paige Niemann under fire for “scary” wedding photos recreation

Published: 6/Aug/2021 12:27 Updated: 7/Aug/2021 17:23

by Connor Bennett


TikTok’s Ariana Grande lookalike, Paige Niemann, has come under fire from fans of the musician for recreating bridal photos, with some labeling it as “scary” and “weird.”

TikTok may have started out life as a way for users to show off their singing and dancing skills, but it has become so much more than that over the years. Now, the video-sharing app is dominated by skits, trends, and everything else you can think of.

In recent weeks, many celebrity lookalikes have taken over the app, with some fans not being able to tell the difference between the celeb and their doppelganger.


Paige Niemann has become well-known for looking so incredibly like Ariana Grande, and the pair have even exchanged DMs in the past. However, some of Ariana’s fans aren’t best pleased with Niemann’s new posts.

Paige Niemann, Instagram
Paige Niemann went viral in November 2019 for a TikTok mimicking Ariana Grande- which is no small feat, considering how similar they look.

On August 4, the social media star was back to showing off her canny resemblance to the singer, posting photos of herself recreating Grande’s “bridal look.”

While her Instagram post racked up over 175,000 likes, and Niemann had asked for what everyone thought of her doing more creations, the comments have been turned off.

The TikToker had also asked that people “don’t send hate” in her caption too, but it seems as if the backlash from fans of the singer overwhelmed the comments section.



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While they couldn’t reply on Instagram, many fans of Grande did take to other platforms to take digs at Niemann’s photos.

“Paige Niemann is NOT “taking inspiration” from Ariana Grande, she is blatantly copying Ariana and has been for years at this point, it’s just not normal,” said one fan. “She’s so scary at this point for real…,” added another.

While the TikToker has said previously that she’s become less of a fan of Grande given all the drama surrounding her simply resembling the singer, her popularity has come because of it.

It remains to be seen if she’ll continue the recreations given the backlash, but it is clear that they’re popular with plenty of others.