TikToker’s romantic getaway ends in disaster after date plays Andrew Tate podcast

Virginia Glaze
TikToker horrified after date plays Andrew Tate podcast during weekend getaway

One TikToker’s “romantic weekend getaway” got off on the wrong foot when her date played an episode of Andrew Tate’s podcast during the car ride to their vacay destination.

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer and controversial internet personality who has been stirring up debate online due to his comments regarding women.

Recently, Tate has been banned from a number of social media platforms because of his inflammatory views, including TikTok and YouTube. Tate was notably banned from Twitter back in 2017 over comments he’d made regarding the ‘#MeToo’ movement.

With the buzz around Tate at an all-time high, many netizens are decrying the former kickboxing champ online — even to the point of lambasting an unfortunate weatherman who had the same name.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer-turned-internet personality who has been banned from multiple online platforms.

One woman, though, found herself feeling majorly uncomfortable after suddenly realizing her date was an Andrew Tate fan in a circumstance that she couldn’t exactly avoid.

This realization happened after she’d hopped into a car with her date for what she called a “romantic weekend getaway,” when he started playing an episode of Andrew Tate’s podcast.

In her recording of the incident, the TikToker asks her date for “this guy’s name,” to which he tells her that Tate is a “self-made millionaire from Romania.”

“Pretty much what he talks about is the standard of relationships and how they shouldn’t be, and how men and women should be in relationships, and society as well, too.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” the TikToker disheartenedly replies.

She went on to include audio from the podcast playing over the car speakers, where Tate asks his co-hosts: “Okay, you’re getting on this plane, and this plane is gonna fly through a hurricane, right? …Do you want a male pilot, or a female pilot?”

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Her TikTok has garnered over 4.6 million views since being posted on August 21, with commenters urging the woman to “run, don’t walk, away.”

“It’s totally OK to just immediately get out of the car,” one user joked.

“As a mom I’m saying CALL YOUR MOM and she will save you!” another advised.

“Being alone in a car with a person like that would terrify me,” another added.

TikTok Andrew Tate comments

Luckily, the TikToker provided her worried viewers with an update merely 14 hours later, claiming she was okay and that her date had given her a ride home the day prior.

In her follow-up video, she addressed concerns from commenters as to why she would have gone on a weekend trip with someone she “didn’t know.”

“I swear I did know him, I just didn’t know the Andrew Tate thing,” she clarified. “It’s the guys you least expect that are into this stuff. So please, ask them before you hop in that car.”

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Although Tate has been blacklisted from several social sites, many netizens are campaigning for the mogul to receive a ban from Twitch, where he’s appeared to debate streamers like Hasan and speak with others like Adin Ross, in the past.