Internet takes man’s side after woman blasts him for Shake Shack date

Lauren Lewis
Woman taken to Shake Shack for date

A woman was unimpressed when a man took her to the Shake Shack for their date, but the internet took his side. 

Brenique Reed, a popular TikToker, took to the platform to share her thoughts on a date that was filmed and posted on the platform. She gives her commentary on the events that transpired. 

In the video clip that she shows, we can see two people on a date, and the woman tells the camera “This man done brought me on a date to Shake Shack,” before panning over to him, where he clearly looks awkward. 

“And this what you got me? That’s it? You got me two sandwiches and a drink?” she continues. 

“So he got her two sandwiches and a drink and she complaining about that?” Brenique asks, surprised. “I think she over-ordered any damn way.”

“Shake Shack is a good spot. Exactly. Ain’t nothing wrong with Shake Shack. That’s some good ass food over there,” she continues. 

People weigh in on date being taken to Shake Shack 

After the video was posted on the platform it racked up over 6 million views and viewers were eager to weigh in on the dating fiasco. However, most sided with the man. 

“This actually broke my heart for him, he looks so sad,” one viewer wrote, clearly sympathizing with the man. 

“Shake Shack is EXPENSIVE for fast food. if my boyfriend took me there, I’d feel spoiled,” another defended. 

“I don’t care if we sit in the car, talk, and eat snacks… I just want to SPEND TIME with you!” one exclaimed. 

One had some advice for the men out there, writing: “Go somewhere not fancy first to see how they are and then somewhere fancier if they pass the vibe check.”

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