Woman mortified after Hinge date leaves just seconds after meeting her

Woman mortified after Hinge date leaves just seconds after meeting herTIKTOK: raychfayce

A woman went viral on TikTok after revealing that her Hinge date left to “move his car” seconds after meeting her, only to never return.

TikToker Rachel Wilson was left speechless after her date ditched her just 45 seconds after meeting her, before sending her a text message saying: “Sorry wasn’t feeling it.”

In a story time video, Rachel explained that she was supposed to meet the man who drove away at the bar for “chicken wings and a beer.” The content creator said she waited outside the bar before she received the text informing her that he left.

“I stood in front of the restaurant waiting for about five minutes before I got the text,” she recalled. “I didn’t respond and immediately deleted his number and have heard no word from him since.”

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Rachel was left stunned by her Hinge date’s sudden disappearance, since she didn’t pick up on any red flags when they were chatting on the app.

While the date didn’t go anywhere, the TikToker said she was happy that they made plans.

“I liked that he made solid plans right off the bat,” she said. “I hate when you meet someone on a dating app and talk back and forth forever, with no solid plans to meet.”

In the comments, TikTok users shared their own similar dating horror stories.

“Help this happened to me too and I watched him drive off, U-turn to go the right way and drive past me,” one user wrote.

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“I had a guy fake having MS 5 minutes into mine. Happened last week,” another added.

“Mine had to leave because his ‘dog got into the chicken coop and killed the chickens,'” a third shared.

This is just the latest Hinge-related moment to take off on TikTok. Previously, a man went viral after asking his date to pay back for Chipotle as they won’t be seeing each other again.