Weatherman named Andrew Tate keeps getting mistaken for banned influencer

Virginia Glaze
Unfortunate weather reporter mistaken for andrew tate

Texas weatherman Andrew Tate is getting slammed on social media for sharing the same name as the controversial influencer, who has been banned from multiple online platforms.

When you hear the name ‘Andrew Tate,’ you probably think of the former kickboxing champ-turned-social media mogul, who has drummed up a fair bit of controversy due to his inflammatory statements that many critics have dubbed misogynistic.

In fact, Tate’s views have gotten him banned from a number of social platforms, the most recent of which are TikTok and YouTube.

Tate was also permanently banned from Twitter in 2017 after he made a comment regarding the #MeToo movement, where he argued that women who have been sexually assaulted should “bare some responsibility” for the heinous act that happened to them.

Andrew Tate speaking in an interview
Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champ and a controversial online figure.

Despite his account being removed from the site, some netizens are convinced that he’s back on the platform amid news of his recent bans from other platforms — but they’re lashing out at the wrong guy.

An East Texas meteorologist by the name Andrew Tate is currently getting flamed online as users have mistaken the weatherman for the controversial online figure.

A popular post circulating on Twitter shows a user responding to Tate’s tweet about current weather conditions, calling the newscaster a “f**king wife beater.”

Fortunately, Tate’s coworkers have been coming to his defense, with one former coworker saying, “He is a great! *not to be confused with TikTok Andr*w Tate.*”

Still other random netizens are making sure that critics understand he’s not the internet-famous Andrew Tate, with one user humorously saying he’s “just some unfortunate weather reporter” after a Tate fan called him out.

Luckily, Tate seems to be taking the situation quite well and has even pinned a humorous meme he created to the top of his profile using the viral “shouting girl meme.”

“ANDREW TATE KLTV (‘unfortunate weather reporter’) IS NOT ANDREW TATE THE BOXER FROM TIKTOK,” he wrote. His tweet has garnered over 13k likes and over 1.3k retweets.

Although this is certainly an interesting time for the weatherman, he appears to be handling things with humor and poise as Tate continues to garner backlash following his recent social media bans.