TikTokers claim to earn $10,000 monthly by creating viral pages with AI

Declan Mclaughlin
TikTok AI

Now a social media guru, Musa Mustafa is a former editor for content creator Sneako who claims he can teach people how to make thousands using AI for TikTok creations.

Anyone with a TikTok account has come across what seems to be low-effort or AI-generated content. Whether it is podcasts with Subway Surfers or GTA gameplay running underneath, or an AI voice reading a Reddit post over Minecraft Parkour, the phenomenon has taken over many users’ “For You” pages.

Musa Mustafa, who used to edit videos for Sneako, is one of the kings of this kind of content and was the subject of a 404 Media investigation.

In the report, Mustafa’s method for putting out easy content, and how he uses AI to streamline that process, is laid out in full.

TikToker promises easy money with AI and stolen content

Mustafa uses a method that he claims makes him upwards of $10,000 a month. It involves creating multiple “Facelss reels,” which is when a video doesn’t require a creator to appear on camera. In other words, the creator uses AI to generate TikToks on mass.

Mustafa also makes a generous sum from teaching other aspiring creators to use these methods by getting them to join his Discord for a fee.

According to the report, Mustafa has a Google Drive link in the paid part of his Discord that directs subscribers to a list of AI tools and dozens of tutorial videos about how to hop on trends and use the tools.

Not all of these tools are free, however, as some of the best tools that generate full videos based on just a few sentences in an AI prompt can cost up to $19 a month.

Those who use the programs and follow Mustafa’s advice make money through the Creativity Program Beta from TikTok. According to the report, many of those who pay to be in the Discord post about how their low-effort content isn’t blowing up and they aren’t making the money promised to them by the social media guru.

Mustafa, on the other hand, posts testimonials from his followers in the form of their TikTok Creativity Program Beta dashboards almost daily that showcase them earning thousands, according to the report.