TikToker reveals shocking income earned from viral “Who TF Did I Marry” series

Meera Jacka
TikToker reveals shocking income earned from viral Who TF Did I Marry series

Reesa Teesa’s viral TikTok series, “Who tf did I marry” has sparked numerous rumors about her potential earnings. However, the truth has left viewers stunned.

One of TikTok’s most popular and longest ongoing viral series has seen user Reesa Teesa delve into her year-long marriage with a pathological liar.

Titled “Who TF Did I Marry?”, the series contains more than 50 parts and outlines the timeline of Reesa Teesa’s relationship with her former husband.

Each video in the series currently boasts millions of views, leaving many avid watchers suspecting Reesa Teesa is making some impressive earnings through TikTok. However, a new post has revealed this is not the case.

Sharing her Saturday evening relaxation plans with fans, Reesa Teesa then began to discuss the rumors surrounding her income, divulging just how much TikTok paid her.

“Wanted to come on here and tell you guys the stories about the amount of money that I’ve made on TikTok with this whole ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ series is wildly inaccurate,” she began, going on to explain that series was started before being part of the creator fund.

“I didn’t get approved [for the creator fund] until midway into the series… so all the videos I did beforehand weren’t even counted for the creator fund,” Reesa Teesa continued. Videos included in the fund are only paid according to “eligible views,” which according to Reesa Teesa is “not that much.”

However, any potential earnings went down the drain after Reesa Teesa revealed she had been suspended from the creator fund for reuploading videos, an act that saw her receive “multiple violations.”

“For the next 30 days, I am not making any money from the videos. I am merely making these videos from the heart,” she concluded. “So for the people who think I’ve made 80-something-thousand, a hundred thousand, three hundred thousand — I am so sorry to disappoint you but the actual number is nowhere near. I am not quitting my day job.”