TikToker goes viral after cash from armored truck spills across freeway

Georgina Smith
Man holding money on the freeway

TikTok user Demi Bagby has gone viral with her video showing what happened after an armored truck spilled cash all over the freeway in California.

These days, if somebody captures a crazy moment on camera or wants to share a bizarre story with the world, TikTok is more often than not becoming the first place that people turn to.

Whether it’s footage of ghosts or wild storytimes, all sorts of content can end up going viral on the app, and this latest video from user Demi Bagby is the perfect example.

On November 20, she uploaded a video to her account in which she stood on the freeway in California with her friends, showing the road littered with a substantial amount of cash.

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In the video, people can be seen getting out of the cars to collect the money off the road, some holding fistfuls of it in their hands and celebrating.

The armored truck was reportedly going to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp office from San Diego when one of the doors popped open and bags containing cash fell out, littering the road.

Now, the California Highway Patrol and the FBI are urging people to return any money that they may have taken so far, with two people having been arrested so far.

Comment on a TikTok by Demi Bagby

“If anyone picked up the cash, we ask you to bring it to the office in Vista immediately,” they told Fox 5, “I just want to give everyone a heads up that there is a lot of video evidence.”

The response to Demi’s video was huge, getting over 1 million likes and 8 million views in the space of a day, with viewers flooding the comment section with their thoughts on what they would personally do if they stumbled upon the same situation.

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