TikToker brutally trolls guy hitting on her by giving him her dad’s number

Brianna Reeves
tiktoker trolls guy

A TikToker trolled a guy at a bar by giving him her dad’s number; her dad later had quite a bit of fun at the man’s expense.

Sometimes, the most convenient way to tell someone you’re not interested in them is by feigning interest. Giving out fake numbers upon request arguably counts as the easiest method.

However, one TikToker recently took another route and gave a guy at a bar her dad’s cell phone number instead of her own. This bit of trolling could’ve gone in several different directions, of course.

The dad had fun with it, though, leading to a wild scenario that ended with stellar TikTok content.

TikToker trolls guy by handing out her dad’s phone number

After hitting on TikTok user ‘jmcassetta’ at a bar, the nameless flirter texted the phone number he received. The woman’s father responded, exchanging details about another potential meetup before finally asking to see a photo of the guy. “Send pix b–ch,” the father hilariously texted for reasons unknown.

Oddly, the guy replied with a family photo first, then later sent a selfie. When asked about FaceTiming, the TikToker’s dad sent a selfie of his own, to which the man replied with, “Yo, what… please tell me that ain’t you.”

In spite of the humorous trolling from her father, the TikToker apologized to the guy in question at the end of the video. “I’m sorry… if you see this video, I apologize but it’s so funny. I could not stop laughing when I woke up and my dad [had] just screenshotted me these texts.”

At the very least, it seems the dad had fun. No word on how the fellow from the bar is feeling after the undoubtedly embarrassing exchange, though.