TikToker trolls exes with AI-generated pregnancy: “Get ghosted? Send him this!”

Meera Jacka
TV producer trolls exes with AI-generated pregnancyTikTok: immadsal

A TV producer has the internet obsessed with her hilarious method of trolling exes with some “diabolical” AI-generated pregnancies on TikTok.

You’ve most likely heard of the phrase, ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’, a notion which advises that vengeance is far more satisfying when it’s held off until the perfect moment.

Now one TV producer and TikToker who works on Video Production at NBCUniversal is proving why the perfect amount of time to wait for vengeance is nine months.

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Madeline Salazar has been showing off her Photoshop skills and the usefulness of generative AI by trolling the men she’s previously been involved with… and sending them faked photos of her “pregnancy”.

In a series on TikTok, Madeline has taken to using generative AI to edit her photos into fake pregnancy announcements before sending them off to surprise her past lovers.

Posting the edits under a sound advising women to follow suit when they’re ghosted by someone, Madeline has shown there is no limit to her creativity when it comes to trolling.

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From baby showers to holding her firstborn, Madeline can fake it all — proving the sky is truly the limit when it comes to using generative AI.

Viewers have expressed their love for the series, calling Madeline’s antics both “psychotic” and “diabolical.”

“This is insane, how does it look so real?” one commenter wrote. Another said, “Am I about to use this for a manifestation vision board? Yes. Yes I am.”

However, according to one viewer the prank doesn’t work as well if you’re a man hoping to fool your girlfriend; “Tried it myself. Me in the hospital gown with the baby just confused her and I got yelled at.”

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Others had very different concerns, calling Madeline’s use of generative AI “cruel”, “terrifying”, and “too much”. Be sure to check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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