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TikToker Tess Krauser explains what she saw at Travis Scott Astroworld disaster

Published: 8/Nov/2021 22:06

by Theo Salaun


After attending Travis Scott’s tragic Astroworld performance in Houston, TikTok influencer Tess Krauser shared a firsthand account of what went wrong. Her experience revealed new info about the disastrous festival.

Travis Scott’s November 5 Astroworld festival in Houston resulted in the deaths of eight people and injuries to dozens more due to “crowd surges.” In the time since, many have condemned Scott and the event organizers for failing to ensure safety of attendees.

TikTok influencer Tess Krauser was in attendance and has used an alt account to share firsthand accounts of how everything unfolded, including new details

Tess blamed the situation on overcrowding, poor planning, and crowd behavior. She’s also maintained that, contrary to popular reports, Scott did indeed end the show early — but not early enough.


Travis Scott’s tragic Astroworld show: Overcrowding, poor security and medical preparation

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Explaining the situation, Tess explained that “the first thing that went wrong is so many people got into the music festival.” She expanded on this by showing sources that 100,000 people bought tickets (and that’s “not counting the people that knocked down the metal detectors and the gates to get in”).

Further, she claimed there was not enough security — noting that “only 200 security guards and 300 police officers” couldn’t match the size of the crowd. And, as another note on the lack of preparation, she explained that “the medics looked like they were a deer caught in headlights.”

These issues, in combination with a crowd that “was just too rough” combined for the tragic series of events.


Apparently Travis Scott did end the Astroworld show early

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In another video, Tess wanted to touch on reports that Scott allowed everything to unfold without stopping his performance: “He did stop the show 30 minutes early and I just wanted to say that because I haven’t seen anyone else saying that.”

Unfortunately, 30 minutes was not early enough and Tess clarified that the situation was still “awful” and “horrible.”

On her main account, she posted a video captioned “it was fun until it wasn’t,” with clips of the good times before the crowd surge. 

Ultimately, Tess’s overwhelming reaction is that this disaster was preventable. And she placed blame on the event organizers for inadequate preparation: “I feel like most of this could have been avoided if they just made sure people knew how to do their jobs.”