TikToker shocked after receiving letter from DoorDash driver complaining about her tip

TikToker receives letter from DoorDash driverTIKTOK: katrinasoldit

A TikToker has gone viral after blasting her DoorDash driver for sending a letter complaining about her 30% tip.

Content creator Katrina (katrinasoldit) showed a photo of a single sheet of paper printed by the DoorDash driver, criticizing the amount she left for a tip.

In a viral clip with over 181,000 views, Katrina revealed that she gave the driver a 30% tip ($5.55) on the cost of her meal ($15) from a restaurant only two miles from her home.

“So this letter was attached to my meal that I ordered on DoorDash last night,” she explained. “Basically, this letter is saying that all delivery expect a minimum $10 tip whether it’s one mile or ten miles.

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“I think this is absolutely ridiculous, and I didn’t even complain to DoorDash because it just made me laugh,” she said.

The TikToker noted that she used to drive for DoorDash, and she “never expected a $10 tip.” She said, “Sh*t, I was grateful if I got a $3 tip. Anyways I’m gonna leave this letter for you guys to read for yourself and you tell me what you think, am I the asshole in this situation?”

At the end of the video, she shares a photo of the letter, which is titled: “TIPPING THE DELIVERY DRIVERS.” Another line underneath reads, “THE DRIVER IS NOT GETTING PAID FOR ANY OF THE TIME THAT THEY ARE STANDING WAITING FOR YOUR ORDER.”

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TikTok reacts to DoorDash driver’s complaint

Many TikTok users slammed the driver, saying Katrina tipped more than the standard 20%.

“Nahh. That driver would be losing their tip after that stunt,” one user commented. “Sounds like he’s entitled,” another wrote.

“So they get around 5 orders an hour and get the flat rate pay depending on the area it’s different and want a $10 tip like that’s $50+ an hour,” a third shared.

“You tipped well over 20% more than most do in a restaurant,” someone else noted.

DoorDash drivers in the comments also sided with the customer, calling her $5.55 tip “generous.”

“As a fellow dasher, $5.55 is a very generous tip on a 2 mile trip/$15 meal,” one said.

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“I’m a DoorDash driver and this is ridiculous. Anything over $5 and $1.50 per mile is a decent order. So sorry you had to deal with this,” another wrote.