TikToker slams DoorDash driver for leaving “fatphobic” note in her order

TikToker slams DoorDash driver for "fatphobic" noteTIKTOK: awkwardmarina

A TikToker called out her DoorDash driver for allegedly leaving a “fatphobic” note in her junk food order.

Content creator Marina shared a short clip on TikTok, which has now been deleted, blasting her DoorDash driver for leaving a personal note in the bag of junk food her girlfriend had ordered.

In the video, Marina said that her disabled girlfriend “who has digestive issues” ordered junk food off the app, including a bag of Cheetos, a box of Delimex taquitos, and a Dr. Pepper. 

But alongside their food, she claimed that the driver left a note with their order reading: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Marina called the note “very passive-aggressive.”

“This is food-shaming as f**k, fatphobic as f**k, ableist as f**k, and just so inappropriate,” Marina said, speaking on behalf of her girlfriend. “If you’re delivering someone’s food, why are you going to be judging them?”

She finished the video by saying that her girlfriend is looking to gain weight. 

“This may look like junk food to you, but this is what her body needs right now,” she said.

TikTok react to DoorDash driver’s “fatphobic” note

Many TikTok users were in disbelief, sharing their thoughts in the comments.

“It would’ve literally taken them zero effort to just not leave that note,” one user commented under the video.

“That’s so insane, especially since they don’t know what situation anyone is in,” another user pointed out. “They shouldn’t be making ANY judgements, period.”

“Why even leave the note?!” a third user added.

“I just… I can’t even believe this is real. Please say it isn’t,” someone else wrote, to which Marina responded: “Bruh I wish I was lying.”

A spokesperson for DoorDash said they are investigating the incident and believe it was a mistake.

“Unfortunately, this customer mistakenly received the wrong note that was intended to be included with another order,” they said. “We sincerely apologize for this mix up and are reaching out to make things right.”