TikToker slams DoorDash as fees quadruple cost of their order

TikToker Slams DoorDashTikTok: K_Waltzz/Pixabay

A TikToker went viral slamming DoorDash after revealing “unnecessary” fees resulted in having to pay almost four times the cost of the item they ordered.

Food delivery companies like DoorDash have gained popularity over the last few years, with more and more people ordering their favorite food and drinks straight to their door.

It’s not without a cost, however, as the companies charge a plethora of fees alongside the occasional higher-priced product to provide the service.

TikToker k_waltzz went viral on the app after uploading a video slamming DoorDash’s fees causing them to pay almost four times the value of the item they ordered.

TikToker slams DoorDash for “unnecessary” fees

Uploaded on September 11, k_waltzz showed a screenshot of their recent order. At the time of writing, it has been viewed nearly one million times.

“The milk tea was $6.50. How did we get to $22.93? Let’s just read these f*king taxes cause this is crazy right? What is the need for a small order fee? The whole point of the order was to make a small order!”

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their own thoughts and experiences with DoorDash.

“If they’re gonna charge us more can they at least make it reasonable,” one user said.

Another user commented: “I BOUGHT TEA FOR ME AND TWO OTHER COWORKERS AND IT WAS $49????”

A third viewer said: “How are the fees more than the actual order.”

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