TikToker Nick Austin reveals how Chase Hudson changed his life

Published: 6/Nov/2020 11:50

by Alice Hearing


Popular TikToker and Hype House member Nick Austin has revealed that he was broke when he joined the Hype House, after tweeting how thankful he is for the support of other influencers like Chase ‘lilhuddy’ Hudson.

20-year-old Nick Austin is one of the Hype House’s most popular members despite having only joined in November of last year. He has amassed a huge 9.2 million followers through his collaborative and laid-back videos.

He has also managed to avoid much of the drama surrounding the other influencers in his circle, but has maintained a huge following and dropped his own line of merchandise.

Now Nick has opened up on Twitter about what his life was like before joining the content house and how thankful he is to his fellow creators.

Nick Austin LilHuddy Hype House
Instagram: Nick Austin
Nick thanked Chase Hudson for his support in joining the Hype House

On November 6, he tweeted, “1 year ago today is the day I packed all my stuff up and just drove to LA with no idea what I was going to do in life and you guys changed my life forever.”

He continued, “nothing in my bank account. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t get a hotel or anything @xlilhuddy and you guys changed my life,” before adding that Lil Huddy is his “brother forever.”

Fans poured out their support in the replies, with one saying “I love your friendship so much, I’m so happy you have each other through everything and I hope you continue to grow together.” Another expressed their love for Chase too, adding “best boys and best friendship, love you guys.”

Nick was recently rumored to be dating singer and internet personality Madison Beer after the pair were spotted out together and getting close several times in the last couple of months, so it’s impressive to see how far Nick has come throughout 2020, especially if he couldn’t even afford to eat properly when he first joined the Hype House.


What are TikTok cults and how can you join one?

Published: 25/Feb/2021 17:35

by Georgina Smith


Many TikTok users have been left baffled by hundreds of comments that appear under random videos promoting ‘cults’ relating to celebrities or memes, but why exactly are these cults so popular?

Over the past year in particular, TikTok’s userbase has expanded to include not just more users in general, but more communities, with the app being a hub for content relating to various fandoms and hobbies.

More often than not, these communities tend to stay relatively self-contained, as TikTok’s bizarrely accurate algorithm generally does a good job of suggesting the most relevant content for each individual user. This means two people can use the same app but have totally different experiences in terms of the content they see.

However, a new trend sees some groups of people banding together to make their community stronger, spreading the word by putting copy-and-paste messages in comment sections of unrelated viral TikToks.


Thank you all for 1.5 million❤️ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #xyzbca #xyzabc #hamster #viral #whathappened #true #fy #4u

♬ I spoke to the devil in Miami by XXXTENTACION – Nate

A key element of the cult trend, is that participants will change their profile to the exact same picture, usually a meme, and they use this to identify each other so they can follow each other back.

Subjects of the trend so far have included singer Lana Del Rey and a viral image of a random hamster, but it’s looking like more cults are in the process of forming.

Why do people join TikTok cults?

The purpose of the trend is fairly innocent, with people generally wanting to make friends with similar interests to them. Having a matching profile picture makes it easy to see who wants to participate in the trend, thereby making connecting with people easier.

Posting the comments about the cult under popular TikToks serves as another way in which users can find each other, and many people have experienced a huge surge in followers since they joined in on the trend, proving to be appealing for those who want to grow their account.

How to join a TikTok cult

After identifying which community you want to be a part of, you’ll need to locate the picture that everyone is using as their profile picture. The images that are used are generally popular memes, so by typing a few keywords in on Google you should easily be able to track down the image.

Once you’ve changed your profile picture, keep an eye out in comment sections of popular TikToks for other participants, and make sure to follow these accounts. As you begin to follow people you should have others follow you back, and you can speed up the process by posting comments yourself.

However, it’s worth noting that not everybody is on board with the cult trend, as sometimes comment sections can be overtaken.

Regardless, it seems like the popularity of TikTok ‘cults’ is on the rise, so if you see these kinds of comments while browsing the app, you’ll know why there are so many of them.