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WillNE floored by TikTok stars’ insane $6.5 million Wave House mansion

Published: 5/Nov/2020 20:27

by Alan Bernal


YouTuber Will ‘WillNE’ Lenney was invited to shoot his intro video as new Wave House members usually do, but was floored by the $6.5 million mansion.

The Wave House is as lavish as the TikTok videos that come out of the property. Influencers situated at the mansion have been using every inch of the 13-acre lot for insane stunts or trending dances to upload to their millions of followers.

Being welcome into the club is a big step forward for content creators, and WillNE was having the time of his life adjusting to every aspect of the large compound.

But that didn’t stop the young YouTuber from getting access to the property and exploring the four bedroom, seven bath house that is loaded with enough room to stage giant productions for 10-second clips.


willne youtube wave house
WillNE YouTube
The TikTokers use the Wave House as the perfect stage for their content.

The Wave House mansion isn’t just impressive inside, it has quite a few orchards, multiple gardens scattered in every cardinal direction, pools laced throughout, and a lot of shrubbery to compliment the main compound.

Inside, WillNE found that it was all business among the collective of TikTokkers. The house members plan, execute, and film proper content for their channels within the house, using the settings within the perimeter as a perfect backdrop.

He found a fully-furnished gym, multiple dressing rooms, decorative bathrooms with perfect for a dip in the standalone tubs, big screen TVs reaching to 100in frames, an indoor hot tub, a study, and more.


There’s a lot to admire from the mansion’s build, but WillNE also got a first-hand impression of how the team uses these locations to create their viral videos.

Dressing up in military uniforms, the Wave House went all-in to give him the perfect introduction as a Wave House member, complete with the eerie spiked mask that serves as an initiation of sorts for new members.

While there are people inside of the house that aren’t sure of the monthly costs to live there, Yoke management foots the bill for the country home for the influencers to churn out content.


It’s unclear if WillNE will be back to the Wave House to create more videos, but he seemed overall impressed at what he found after visiting the mansion.