TikToker mocked for bizarre live stream using straightener to make popcorn

Virginia Glaze

TikToker ‘pinkydoll’ is coming under fire after a clip from her live stream went viral, showing the influencer constantly repeating odd phrases while popping popcorn with a hair straightener.

TikTok is a hive for viral content of all sorts… but some of this content is more unique than others.

Between the site’s viral trends like the Grimace Shake and viral moments that take the whole internet by storm — like a woman who was convinced that a passenger on her flight “wasn’t real” — are influencers who are trying to take off on the app by standing out as much as they can.

One of these influencers is facing backlash online for her unique spin on TikTok live streams… but some netizens are praising her for getting the bag.

A TikToker by the name ‘pinkydoll’ went viral on social media after a Twitter user uploaded a clip from her live stream, which shows the influencer popping popcorn kernels using a hair straightener while repeating a slew of odd phrases without taking a breath.

“Ice cream so good, yes yes yes,” she repeats, before thanking a viewer named Lopez and saying, “Slay,” and licking the air.

“Thank you Blade, thank you Jayce, gang gang,” she says, and then growls.

Viewers confused as TikToker repeats odd phrases during live stream

The short clip is so strange that it’s sending viewers for a loop.

“Any time I accidentally happen upon a TikTok Live, I feel like I am watching the world end,” one user said about the clip.

“I just feel so old,” another said. “I don’t know what’s going on, or why anybody is getting paid.”

“I mean, she’s got more than 1000 likes in less than 30 seconds, so…” a commenter argued.

“And you would do it too, for a dollar,” another said.

But why in the world is pinkydoll saying all those weird phrases? It turns out that her repetitive actions (i.e., her licking the air or saying, “ice cream so good”) are ‘rewards’ that are prompted when viewers give her tokens, which appear on the screen during her live streams.

This is just the latest odd moment to take over TikTok after a man found himself lost at sea while on vacation with his pals.