TikToker fails miserably at doggface208’s viral skateboard trend

Georgina Smith
doggface208 next to dreams challenge gone wrong

A TikToker has gone viral after spectacularly failing at a trend that sees people coasting around on skateboards drinking cranberry juice, inspired by the creator of the chill video, doggface208.

Since its invention, TikTok has been the prime spot for video trends that sweep the internet, with people using the app’s unique (and often slightly broken) effects along with countless viral sounds to produce some hilarious content.

And lots of people have made a name for themselves through their viral content, including doggface208, real name Nathan Apodaca.

What is the doggface208 skateboard trend on TikTok?

The user made waves in the TikTok world when he uploaded a video of him coasting along on a skateboard, swigging from a bottle of cranberry juice to the tune of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.

The video now has a whopping 60 million views and 10 million likes, appearing across For You Pages globally, and inspiring the tag #dreamschallenge to surge in popularity, with plenty of people prompted to make their own versions. That’s how the trend started up.

Not as easy as it seems

TikTok user Julia Jamison was inspired to give the chill looking challenge ago.

She enlisted a little help from her friends, one of which was filming from a distance and the other who pushed her along on the skateboard.


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Everything seemed to be going well initially, but when Julia lifted a foot off her skateboard for just a moment, her balance was thrown. She was sent crashing to the ground, the huge bottle of cranberry juice she was holding going everywhere.

The chaos continued as her hat fell off and her skateboard shot out from underneath her and away from the view of the camera. She couldn’t have gone down more spectacularly.

The unfortunate video has since garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on the pages that it has been reposted to, people both loving and cringing at the painful looking end to the viral trend.

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