TikToker goes viral after “most expensive nap” ever ended in travel disaster

YouthPastorRyan TikTokTikTok: YouthPastorRyan/Unsplash: EyestetixUnsplash:

Popular TikToker YouthPastorRyan has gone viral after revealing a mistake that led to the “most expensive nap” of his life that happened just before driving to a state he didn’t even need to go to.

Over the last few years, YouthPastorRyan has gained a sizable following on TikTok of 4.4 million fans thanks to his stories about working at Disney, comedy skits, and collaborations with other creators.

While gaining popularity, Ryan has also been growing his career as a stand-up comedian.

In a recent video, the TikToker revealed a recent mishap with his schedule that led to him having the “most expensive nap” of his life right before traveling to a state he didn’t need to be in.

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TikToker reveals “most expensive nap”

Uploaded on September 19, the video references an event that happened on August 29 while traveling the country doing stand-up comedy shows.

“It was August 29 and I was waking up in Louisville, Kentucky to fly to Chicago, then fly to Denver because I had a show in Wyoming,” he said. “I get to Denver, rent a car, drive to an airport hotel and pay for early check-in so I can take a nap. It was a lovely nap. I wake up to my alarm and realize that I now have to drive two and a half hours into Wyoming to do this show.

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“I just crossed over the border and I think to myself ‘Wait a second, why haven’t I gotten a text from my agency giving me the details of the show?’ Then I realize, ‘Oh no.’ I pull up the booking email and realize I was supposed to be there on the 29… of September.”

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Ryan explained in the video that he saw that the Chicago airport had an available flight back to his home in LA, and was tempted to take it… and wishes that he did.

Not only did the TikToker pay for a flight to Denver that he didn’t need, but he also paid for a hotel, early check-in, a rental car, and the gas to drive halfway to his destination in Wyoming.

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It’s safe to assume that next time, he’ll read the whole email before embarking on his travels.