TikToker goes viral after losing her teeth in drunken accident

Theo Salaun
tiktok autumncathey6 lose teeth viralTikTok, @Autumncathey6 / Pexels, @Andrea

Some TikToks tell elaborate stories in just a matter of seconds and that’s the case for Autumncathey6, whose brunch drinking video went from trend to terror as mimosas led to her losing multiple teeth.

In a common TikTok trend, you record yourself and your friends after different amounts of drinks. It always starts off innocently enough, with a reality TV-esque one-on-one with the camera and the filmed person saying “this is me after one mimosa (or any other beverage of choice).” 

Usually, things ramp up and you get to see different friends withstand different levels of inebriations. Six White Claws or beers later, there’s a degree of mayhem and sloppiness. 

But Autumncathey6 took things to a new, higher level, with her version of the trend. Casually drinking mimosas with an assortment of pals at a presumed brunch spot, the TikToker doesn’t seem all that twisted — until she decides to take things outdoors. 

While Autumncathey has since privated the video, the massively viral clip has still been shared across YouTube and Twitter. It’s unclear if she decided to private it herself or if TikTok took it down for its essentially gory nature.

Still, for now, the video exists and, from Autumncathey’s original caption, “bottomless mimosas are a drug // wait till the end,” it seems that she looked back on the moment with comedic appreciation. And that makes sense, since most people in the replies seemed to think it was a pretty funny tale about moderation.

As you can see in the TikTok, the situation started off in a bubbly way. Orange juice, champagne and sunlight make for a tremendous brunch environment. But, like Adam and Eve falling for the sweet, juicy delights of the apple, Autumncathey was misled by the tangy goodness of the orange.

autumncathey jpgTikTok, @Autumncathey6
Look how happy Autumncathey was after he first couple mimosas.

After she and some friends all hit seven-plus mimosas, the end of the video stops the “this is me” segments and shifts to a clip of Autumncathey getting on someone’s shoulders outside. A moment later, the cheery clip segues into one of horror — her, sitting in a car, missing multiple front teeth.

It remains to be seen how the situation has resolved, but one has to imagine that she quickly went to get dental work done. For now, it remains a reminder to be careful when drinking. We’ll update this piece if any new information comes out.