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TikToker goes viral after homeless man fat-shames him for buying McDonald’s

Published: 15/Oct/2021 22:48

by Michael Gwilliam


Toronto-based TikToker Stuart Jeffery has gone viral after posting his hilarious reaction to being fat-shamed by a homeless man he bought McDonald’s for.

It’s always nice when individuals do something nice for the homeless, whether it’s given them some spare change or a warm blanket. However, in an era of digital currency, having any change to begin with is a bit of a rarity.

In a TikTok video, Jeffrey explained how just got back from McDonald’s where he went to buy a coffee and had quite the experience with a homeless man outside of the restaurant.


The giggling TikToker said the homeless man asked for change, but when he didn’t have any, he decided to buy him some food instead.

@janikon_No, I can’t re-record this, I’m laughing too hard ##fyp♬ original sound – Stu (he/him)

Between fits of laughter over what eventually transpired, Jeffrey explained he took the man’s order of a Big Mac with everything on it and a coffee with two creams, but was taken aback when he gave the homeless man the food.

“He goes, ‘you know, in the future, a word of advice, I’d lay off the McDonald’s,’” Jeffrey revealed, before bursting into tears from laughing too hard. “The worst part is I was fat-shamed for doing a good deed!”


The video, appropriately captioned ‘No, I can’t re-record this, I’m laughing too hard,’ spread like wildfire, amassing over 2.8M views in just five days.

janikon_ laughs nonstop
The TikToker could hardly stop laughing through the video.

Despite seemingly being insulted, Jeffrey was clearly still in good spirits about the whole ordeal and didn’t take offense to the man’s comments.

Users in the comments shared similar stories with one woman even saying that when she was pregnant, she gave a homeless man food, and he told her: “You walk like a horse.”

In any case, it’s nice to see that Jeffrey didn’t take things too personally, but it’s unclear if he will be buying food for the man in the future after his comments.