TikToker forces thief to clean his shower after attempted break-in goes wrong

Virginia Glaze
TikToker forces home intruder to clean his shower

A TikToker is going viral for catching his neighbor in the middle of breaking into his Uncle’s house and forcing the would-be thief to clean the shower rather than phoning law enforcement.

TikTok is certainly a wild place where all manner of content goes viral. From genius life hacks to popular challenges, dances, and more, TikTok has a whole lot to offer.

However, one user is winning the app for their surprising method of handling a home intruder — and viewers can’t get enough of how they took charge of the situation.

TikToker ‘tazbands1209’ says he was at his Uncle’s house, which he was house-sitting, when the break-in took place.

He’d gone outside to feed his dog after a work meeting and was headed back in when he noticed the screen door was open.

Thinking this odd, as he’d definitely closed it, the TikToker went inside and found a neighbor poking his head out of a bedroom. Taz says he’s had issues with this neighbor before, claiming they’d thrown rocks at the windows among other problems.

The TikToker then noticed that the neighbor’s pockets were full of stuff he’d pilfered from the house — but instead of dialing 911, Taz decided to teach the lad a little lesson in hard work.

TikToker forces thief to clean their shower as punishment in viral video

In a video that’s garnered nearly 100,000 views, Taz can be heard instructing the thief on how to properly clean his shower as the intruder grumbles about being forced to clean as penance for breaking into his Uncle’s home.

“It’s either that or the cops, bro, you came into my house,” Taz says after the neighbor complained that he wasn’t “his girl.” “Come on. I still see some spots right there.”

“Don’t break into people’s houses, folks, or you’ll end up cleaning their shower,” Taz captioned the video.

Commenters were pretty impressed by the TikToker’s way of handling the situation, although some still would’ve taken things up with their local law enforcement.

“Mans broke into someone’s house, better be lucky all they do is make you clean the tub,” one user wrote.

“If this is real, you are a stand up guy for real,” another said.

“Nah, after he was done, I’d have made him make the call himself. Actually call his momma,” another suggested.

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This is just the latest vigilante justice to go viral on TikTok after a woman recorded herself following a shoplifter home on the bus before phoning law enforcement to arrest the thief.