What is TikTok’s ‘Incantation’ challenge?

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A recent TikTok challenge called ‘Incantation’ has gone viral on the social media platform, scaring a lot of people.

A new Taiwanese horror movie called ‘Incantation’ has gone viral on the social media app. The bleak movie, which is inspired by a real incident, is causing a scare to many users online.

The hashtag for ‘Incantation‘ has over 127 million views on TikTok, with multiple users sharing videos of themselves taking part in the latest scary challenge.

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So what is the viral ‘Incantation’ challenge?

TikTok’s ‘Incantation’ challenge explained

It started when TikToker Notjustbored1214 shared a 20-second video about the movie to his 119,000 followers.

In the video, he says “I don’t give a f**k how hard or desensitized you think, you are. There’s no f**king way you guys are watching this entire f**king movie from start to finish without skipping a scene.”

The video, captioned “1hr 16min 22sec was the hardest part for me to watch,” has amassed over 13.5 million views, and subsequently, many people took up the challenge of watching the entire movie without skipping a single scene.

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Users participating on the challenge have shared their reactions to watching the horror flick, using the hashtag ‘Incantation.’ It’s safe to say that it’s left people pretty traumatized.

The movie, directed by Kevin Ko, is about a woman who has to protect her daughter after she becomes cursed for breaking a religious taboo. According to the director, it’s based on a true story which occurred in 2005.

TikTok users react to the viral ‘Incantation’ challenge

Several users have commented under Notjustbored1214’s video, sharing their thoughts about the challenge.

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“Freaks me out more because it’s based on a true story” one viewer commented.

“Any horror that says ‘based on REAL LIFE events’ issa nono for me” another person added, refusing the challenge.

“Bro it said it was based on a true story I’m not watching that” someone else quipped.

While the movie has scared people who watched it, and also disturbed people who haven’t, not everyone is giving in to the hype.

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“On everything I watched the whole thing without getting scared once, or getting any gut reaction. I rated it 2/10 in term of horror” one unimpressed viewer commented.

Another viewer agreed, adding “Man you got my hopes up thinking I could finally have a good movie to watch and get scared to only for it to me mediocre at best.”

According to Unilad, the Incantation has reportedly racked up over 10 million hours of views on Netflix, and may likely increase as a result of the viral TikTok challenge.

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