TikToker blasts neighbor who posted signs accusing her of being a porch pirate

Virginia Glaze

A woman on TikTok found a hilariously creative way to get back at a neighbor in her apartment complex who accused her of being a porch pirate.

Ah, porch pirates — those thieves who steal packages from people’s front doors or porches. They’re quite common around Christmas but can strike at any moment if someone hasn’t checked up on their deliveries in a minute.

Having a package stolen is never fun… but neither is being accused of stealing one when you didn’t. That’s what happened to TikTok user ‘Amy Lynn,’ and she had a genius way of combating the accusations.

Amy Lynn is going viral after revealing that she’d been accused by a neighbor in her apartment complex of stealing packages.

In a video, the TikToker claimed she was walking her dog when she noticed a slew of signs warning about a porch pirate. On the signs was a photo, showing her standing outside on a sidewalk.

“Attention residents,” the sign reads in bold lettering. “Do you know this woman? Resident porch pirate. This woman has been stealing packages on her daily dog walk.”

However, Lynn claims that she’s never stolen any packages. In a statement to the Daily Dot, Lynn says that the neighbor must have seen when she picked up a package that was accidentally delivered to the wrong address.

That’s not all; she also claims that there could be a racist component to the matter, clarifying that she’s “one of the few African-Americans that live in the complex.”

“I’m not saying race had anything to do with it, but it feels that way,” she said.

Woman hits back after being wrongfully accused of stealing packages

Luckily, Lynn is a pretty good sport about the entire situation and had a hilarious way of fighting back against her nosy neighbor. In a follow-up video, the TikToker showed herself creating her own set of posters clarifying that she most definitely is not a porch pirate, which she then posted around the complex.

She also elaborated on the situation in a third video, where she claimed that her mother had sent her a package that was left at her neighbor’s home. After checking if the package was hers, Lynn scooped up the box and went on her way.

She believes that someone must have alerted the neighbor about the incident, prompting them to plaster their porch pirate accusations all over the area — even leaving four of them on her boyfriend’s car.

For now, there have been no new updates on this ongoing situation, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted if any more drama happens in this viral TikTok saga.

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