TikToker follows shoplifter home on bus and has police arrest her in viral video

Kawter Abed
Shoplifter confronted and arrested

A TikToker has gone viral for following a shoplifter home on bus, publicly confronting her, and having the police arrest her.

A small business owner explained in a TikTok video, which has over 900,000 views, that she took action after being alerted that someone was stealing from her erotic shop.

Sophia Milan, who owns Erotic Cabaret Boutique in Houston, Texas detailed how she bravely handled the situation, which involved confronting the shoplifter face-to-face.

The TikToker shared that she was hanging out with her parents, when she got alerted by employees that someone was stealing from her shop. Their surveillance footage, which she shared in the viral clip, seemingly confirmed the suspicion, so Sophia jumped into action.

She ended up finding the shoplifter on the bus, where she confronted the woman, who looked very uncomfortable with being filmed.

The small business owner firmly called out the actions of the shoplifter, went through her bag, and found some merch from her shop.

The video then cuts to the moment the shoplifter gets arrested by Houston police officers, after getting off the bus with the TikToker. Text over the video reads “Don’t steal from small businesses oki?” as the clip concluded with a hilarious selfie of Sophia and the woman covering her face.

TikTok users react to small business owner confronting shoplifter

Many users were amused by the fact that Sophia documented the entire situation, making the TikTok video thoroughly entertaining to watch.

“I give the film production crew a 10 out of 10,” one user commented.


Others were impressed that the TikToker managed to track the shoplifter down and call her out in public.

“The way you tracked her down super impressed,” someone wrote. “Meanwhile I’m too nervous to send my food back when I get the wrong order. Y’all have confidence!!” another user shared.

One user commented: “This could’ve gone hella bad,” to which Sophie replied: “You’re right! I def don’t recommend doing this! Luckily in this situation we knew what she had on her being that an employee had checked thru her bag.”

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