TikToker goes viral for sparking debate about the “correct” way to shower

Liam Ho
TikToker alittlebitlovey

A TikToker has gone viral after sparking a debate online about the “correct” way to face when taking a shower.

Social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat have allowed their users to share experiences that allow people to relate to one another. Whether that be complaining about a bad job, or talking about a shopping haul they might’ve grabbed. Users are able to share their best and worst moments with the rest of the internet through these social media apps.

One universal experience that hopefully all TikTok users have is the experience of a nice cleansing shower. Showering should almost be second nature to everyone, as it’s something individuals have to do almost every day in order to maintain their personal hygiene.

However, it seems that how people shower has become quite the point of contention, as a TikToker has now gone viral after explaining how their version of showering is different from their mothers.

TikToker alittlebitlovey was in their car explaining their dilemma.

“I’ve just been informed by my mom that there are two ways people shower, and we just realized we do the opposite thing. So when I shower, the showerhead is behind me so the water is on my hair and down my back, of course, I’ll turn around occasionally and move around.

“She showers primarily facing the showerhead, so the water hits her on her face and down her body. And she’s shocked she does the opposite and I’m shocked she does the opposite. I feel like the normal way to shower is with the showerhead behind you. Is anyone else surprised by this?”

Commenters flooded the replies causing quite a debate. Some users questioned if those who faced the water were okay, with some calling it “voluntary waterboarding”.

However, users who face the water united to come back against these claims. Some users went the complete opposite, joking that they sit on the ground and cry as their preferred method.

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