TikToker arrested after driving “free candy” van to get police attention

Michael Gwilliam
tiktoker arrested free candy white van

A Canadian TikToker has been arrested for allegedly committing “false crimes” in order to grow his follower count.

TikTokers are going to great extremes to boost their popularity by walking into strangers’ houses and making threatening remarks to random people all in the name of content.

However, these controversial videos have a tendency to land viral creators in hot water and that’s exactly what happened to Gatineau, Quebec man Anthony Gagne after he drove around in a van giving out “free candy.”

According to police, ‘gagnepower’ was arrested after police stumbled across his TikTok account after receiving a tip and found several videos trying to get the attention of cops.

Man arrested for committing “false crimes” to grow TikTok

In a press release, Gatineau police explained how their investigation began when they received a complaint about Gagne driving a van with the words “free candy” painted on it to attract children.

“Following this complaint, the SPVG had to open an investigation during which the police identified several videos featuring Anthony Gagne who simulated crimes in order to have the visit of various police services, including the FBI,” they said.

In another of his videos, Gagne put on a black balaclava and carried a hammer toward a bank at night time, pretending to rob it.

Despite the police meeting with Gagne, he continued to make videos and the authorities found he had been doing so since 2021, amassing over 500,000 followers on TikTok.

On July 5, the cops searched his home discovering numerous electronic items in addition to a gas mask, a balaclava, fake blood, and a vehicle rental contract. He was charged with attempted public mischief.

As part of his release, he is prohibited from uploading content to social media, including YouTube. His TikTok account, meanwhile, has been purged.

“Gestures or words spoken on social networks are not without consequence. Whether the police are incited virtually or in-person to launch an investigation under a false pretext is a crime,” the police warned others not to follow in Gagne’s footsteps.