TikToker exposed and dumped her cheating boyfriend in an epic way

Molly Byrne

TikToker Sandy Vera Davis exposed her boyfriend for cheating after dumping him for his discretions.

After Sandy Vera Davis found OnlyFans receipts in her boyfriend’s phone, she quickly turned into a private detective — like any girl would.

Davis, who had a baby with her ex-boyfriend, then saved all of the evidence she found and created an album full of her proof.

Fans of Davis showed their support via TikTok, commenting on how strong and right she was for dumping her cheating boyfriend.

TikToker goes viral after finding boyfriend’s OnlyFans receipts

When Davis released her TikTok video to her nearly 90,000 followers, fans took to her side to show her support, saying, “Queen.”

Not only did Davis create an album of text messages, OnlyFans receipts, and photos of other girls, she went above and beyond and saved said album in her now ex-boyfriend’s phone.

She also saved her name in his phone with a photo of the middle finger emoji. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. Davis then proceeded to change the background on his phone to his OnlyFans receipt of $14.06.

Others shared their similar experience, saying, “So sweet I wish I had that patience but I start shaking too much and I smashed his phone with a hammer and put it back on the charger.”

Davis ended the video exposing her ex by saying, “There’s no coming back.” She has since followed up on TikTok in an effort to heal, having revealed to her followers what it’s been like since she left her cheating boyfriend.

But Davis isn’t the only one that went through a recent cheating scandal on TikTok.

Love Island’s Kodie Murphy was recently accused of cheating on his ex-girlfriend and took to the platform to defend himself.