Love Island’s Kodie Murphy defends cheating claims in tell-all TikTok

Je'Kayla Crawford
Kodie Murphy from Love Island

Kodie Murphy from Love Island Season 10 just set the record straight on his Casa Amor scandal in several TikTok videos.

While he wasn’t in Season 10 for that long, Kodie Murphy definitely made an impact. Most of which was off-screen.

A few days ago he was under hot water after his ex-girlfriend accused him of going to Casa Amor while they were together.

Now that he is back home, he just took to social media to share his side of the story.

Did Love Island’s Kodie Murphy defend his cheating claim?

On June 7, Kodie posted two TikTok videos explaining the situation. The first of which nearly has 1 million views.

In the first video, he claimed that he was not in a relationship at the time he went on the show and said, “I have been single for nearly a year now. My last relationship ended in October.”

The reality TV star went on to say that while he does know the girl in question, they were not together. Kodie said, “A girl who I first met through Instagram, we went on a date in Birmingham and it went ok, and after that date we didn’t see each other for six months, not at all.”

Judging by the reactions of Love Island fans in the comments, there seems to be a mixed reaction to his video. One viewer wrote, “I mean fair play for explaining! But you shouldn’t feel you have to explain, you came off the show loved and people don’t like it! Xx.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “There’s always rumors!”

However, some fans didn’t think that his video wasn’t 100% genuine. One fan wrote, “Hmmm… Something off,” while aanother viewer wrote, “What is he reading off of lol.”

His ex-girlfriend that accused him of stepping out, Rio Lily, hasn’t publicly responded to his new videos.

Yet, the alleged cheating is not the only rumor that he needs to address. Kodie was also recently accused of being homophobic. As of now, he hasn’t posted a public response to the allegation.

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