TikToker Brandon Robert scared to leave home due to “crazy” ex-girlfriend

Virginia Glaze
TikToker Brandon Robert looks at the camera during a video.

TikTok star Brandon Robert is shocking his fans by documenting his encounters with his ex-girlfriend, who doesn’t seem to be leaving him alone in spite of his best efforts to end the relationship.

Brandon Robert is a relatively popular face on TikTok, boasting over 7 million followers due to his humorous challenge videos and good-natured pranks.

However, his content has taken a dark turn as of late, after he uploaded a series of videos that appear to show his ex-girlfriend exhibiting concerning behavior that would have some phoning their local law enforcement.

The drama first began on August 22, after Robert uploaded a video that showed his girlfriend throwing what she thought were his belongings out of an upstairs window in her home. The items included a laptop — but it wasn’t even Robert’s computer, with the TikToker claiming it was actually hers.

Robert explained the scenario in a follow-up video shortly thereafter, stating that she had purportedly discovered his Tinder account after using his tablet.

Thinking he was cheating, she began to toss out his things from her house, not realizing that the account was an old one from before she’d begun dating him.

The scandal sparked a slew of similar TikToks, which showed his girlfriend questioning him about the Tinder account before stomping on his tablet, yelling at him for attempting to break up with her, and yet another video showing her watchfully sitting in front of his home.

That’s not all: Robert even filmed himself attempting to break up with her in a car, which appeared to have inspired her to sit in his driveway.

While this has earned the TikToker some backlash, Robert claimed that he had gotten permission from his ex-girlfriend to post a few of the initial videos, as he said she’d felt they were “funny.”

However, the situation has since escalated to an uncomfortable degree — and some commenters are accusing him of lying about his Tinder profile, noting that a profile for the dating app doesn’t show up unless it is active.

There’s also no telling if the videos are even real, considering his penchant for pranks and other such content.

For now, it seems that these apparent antics between Robert and his ex-girlfriend are continuing, leaving viewers and concerned onlookers anxious as to how this will all unfold.

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