Internet concerned for man held ‘hostage’ by girlfriend in viral video

Virginia Glaze

The internet is convinced that a man is being held ‘hostage’ by his girlfriend after appearing in a viral video that’s sparking concern among viewers.

TikTok user ‘aloralynnsavasta3’ is taking the internet by storm after uploading a video of her boyfriend after buying a massive dinner for them to split.

In the video, she quizzes her boyfriend, asking him questions like, “Who has the best girlfriend ever?” to which he responds with a timid “I do” and a shy smile.

“Who just bought you all this stuff?” she asks, pointing out the numerous styrofoam containers of Chinese takeout on the table. “She did,” he replies.

“My girl bought all of it, and I’m about to eat this, and then we’re gonna chow on that after,” he continues. “Happy Easter!”

“Yeah, but we’re not eating it all,” she reminds him. “Just know that. ‘Cause we’ve gotta save some, you know? Budget cuts.”

“Yeah,” he says, laughing nervously.

The clip has racked up over 8 million views in just three days, leaving netizens puzzled and convinced that the TikToker’s boyfriend is in a situation he may rather not be in.

“Blink twice if you need help,” one user wrote.

“Someone save him!” another commented.

“The fear in his eyes,” another remarked.

The video has even spread to other social platforms like Twitter/X, where one user re-uploaded the clip with the caption, “Genuinely concerned for my guy here.”

The first time Alora’s boyfriend appeared in one of her TikTok videos seems to be on March 12, which shows the couple frying up some Oreos in a skillet to recreate a favorite American fair food.

Comments on her TikTok profile continuously reference her most recent video with her boyfriend — but at the time of writing, she has yet to explain anything, leaving viewers with even more questions.

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