TikToker Andrea Russett revealed she “failed” rehab and is back in treatment

Molly Byrne

After failing her first rehab treatment, TikToker Andrea Russett has admitted herself into a 60-day facility to take another try at kicking her alcohol addiction. 

When push came to shove, TikToker Andrea Russett knew what to do to keep herself healthy. 

After failing her first attempt at rehab for alcohol addiction, Russett has been admitted to a 60-day treatment facility in the desert.

Russett claims that although her new treatment plan was a good idea, she is more or less “nervous” about the entire process.

TikToker Andrea Russett at her 60-day inpatient rehab program.

Andrea Russett reveals she “failed” her first try at rehab

Though Andrea Russett recently attended an outpatient treatment program, meaning she stayed in her own home and traveled to daily treatments three or four times a week, she has since revealed that she “failed miserably” on her first try to become sober. 

Currently, Russett is in detox at a 60-day holding facility in the desert where she is alone in a room. After she’s done with the first portion of her treatment, her detox program, she will then be given a roommate. However, Russett took to TikTok to express her concerns, stating that she is “nervous” to proceed with her steps. 

Russett may be apprehensive about the holding facility, but she is also trying to make the best of the experience, staying positive amid her fears. 

After her first TikTok about going to rehab, Russett was shown moral support from her fans. Perhaps said support rubbed off on her because in Russett’s recent TikTok update, she can be heard saying, “I’m not giving up. It’s ok to fail.” She continued by reassuring her viewers, “What matters is you pick yourself back up.”

Russett also expressed her excitement about what the treatment facility offers. Saying that it has “bomba**” food and also a recreational center, a gym, and a pool for those staying there. 

The entire process is meant to last 60 days. And though we are unsure where Russett will be released after her treatment, fans have taken to TikTok to share their support, saying things like, “You can do it” and “You got this.”

With the better portion of her rehab ahead of her, it seemingly appears that there is no other option for Russett right now than to succeed at overcoming her alcohol addiction, as she won’t be allowed to leave until the two months are over.

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