TikToker Abby Roberts fuels Noen Eubanks break up rumors

Alice Hearing
Abby Roberts Noen Eubanks TikTok coupleInstagram: Abby Roberts

It looks as though TikTok star Abby Roberts has broken up with fellow creator Noen Eubanks in a dramatic series of posts.

Abby is one of the biggest stars on TikTok with more than 13 million followers. She is known for her genius transitions, incredible makeup and cosplay, and has recently collaborated with huge celebrities including Liam Payne and Yungblud.

Noen Eubanks is also a huge name on the app with more than 11 million followers and known for his artistic transitions and impressive make-up looks. The pair have a combined 24.8 million followers, once making them a TikTok power couple.

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Despite the long-distance relationship, Abby based in Leeds, UK, and Noen based in Los Angeles, the pair were together for almost a year and Abby even spoke about nightly Zoom calls and traveling overseas for love in an interview with The Face. However, it now seems as though the pair are no longer an item.

Abby Roberts Noen Eubanks TikTok coupleInstagram: Abby Roberts
With a combined 24.8 million followers, Abby and Noen were a TikTok power couple

In a series of dramatic tweets from Abby herself and her close friend and creator Benji Krol, something dramatic has gone down between them. On Monday, November 10, Abby tweeted “it’s crazy how people can turn out to be not at all who u think they were,” and “know ur worth baby.”

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Abby also liked tweets that pointed very clearly to the situation including one from Aria Herbst that read, “Women always know.”

At the same time, Benji tweeted “why is it that when you find one thing out about someone it starts a chain reaction and it just gets worse and worse and worse AND WORSE.”

Abby also posted a suggestive TikTok, lip-syncing to Just the Two of Us by Grover Washington, Jr. Underneath one fan commented tagging Noen and wrote “this might be meant for you,” to which Abby replied, “Don’t mention his name in my comments ever again.”

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Noen Eubanks Abby Roberts break up tiktokTikTok: Abby Roberts
Abby snapped back at a fan in the comments under her video

Noen, on the other hand, has stayed pretty silent on his social media accounts in the past few days and is yet to address any speculation — though he might not be able to ignore it for much longer.

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