TikTok star Quinton Griggs explains why he’s leaving Sway House

Jacob Hale
TikTok's Quinton Griggs

[jwplayer ksH6zuKH]TikTok star Quinton Griggs has revealed why he, Griffin Johnson and more are leaving the Sway House to kick off the Sway Gaming house — and it definitely raises some questions.

Quinton Griggs is one of the biggest stars on TikTok as a member of the Sway House, alongside the likes of Bryce Hall and Anthony Reeves, but he will shortly be leaving the house to pursue something new.

It was revealed in an appearance on The Tom Ward Show that Griggs would be leaving the house with Griffin Johnson to go to the then-unannounced Sway Gaming House — something that hadn’t been mentioned before and was brand new information to fans.

What was interesting, though, was Quinton’s explanation for why he wanted to move out of the Sway House…

Sway House Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Quinton Griggs, Blake Gray
What this news means for the Sway House remains to be seen.

The house is made up of a group of men who are all popular on TikTok, especially as they like to toe the line between what is and isn’t acceptable, with action and controversy regularly surrounding their bodies of work.

“Me and Griffin are moving into the Sway Gaming house,” he told Ward. “I’m not moving in there to game, it’s mainly for my own sake and my brand.”

Laughing about it, Griggs expanded on his point, saying: “As much as I love it here, we’re always in controversy. We’re always doing stupid sh*t, getting ourselves in trouble. I mean, we’re just a group of guys, we’re a frat. I just want to make sure my brand stays safe.”

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Griggs added that he’ll still be heading to the Sway House “four or five times a week,” but how it affects his content overall remains to be seen.

It has been confirmed that Quinton will be joined in Sway Gaming by Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr and Vinnie Hacker.

Where this leaves Bryce Hall – who, by the sounds of it, might be one of the last remaining TikTok stars to still reside in the original Sway house – remains to be seen. Could there be a new influx of talent joining Sway?