TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez responds to “haters” amid sexual assault claims

Lopez Brothers, YouTube

Popular TikTokker and one half of influencer duo ‘The Lopez Brothers,’ Ondreaz Lopez, has responded to accusations of sexual assault made by a Twitter user on June 21.

Ondreaz, the eldest of the Lopez brothers, is one of TikTok’s many rising stars, boasting over 16 million followers on the app due to his viral lip syncing and dancing videos.

However, many fans are calling their support into question after Twitter user “iirascibility” came out with allegations of sexual assault against the TikTokker, claiming that Lopez had purportedly forced them into a sexual situation.

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According to irrascibility, Lopez had invited them to sleep in his bed during a sleepover just ahead of a Hip Hop dance competition in Arizona two years ago, after which the user had asked to cuddle.

Ondreaz Lopez takes a photo in the kitchenOndreaz Lopez, Instagram
TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez has been met with allegations of sexual assault.

Irrascibility then claimed that Lopez “forced” their hand onto his genitals after initiating kissing, which the Twitter user explained they didn’t want to do.

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The user claimed that, at the time of the purported assault, they were 17 and Lopez was 21, rendering irrascibility a minor during the altercation.

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“He forced my hand on his d**k and wouldn’t let me pull away until I turned the other way around,” the user wrote. “…I am tired of feeling like s**t every time I see his face.”

Additional allegations against the duo have since surfaced online, with irrascibility attaching a series of stories from other purported victims from the Las Vegas area to Twitter.

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While Lopez hasn’t responded to the allegations directly, he uploaded several stories addressing his “haters” to his Instagram story, where he seemed to hit back at critics for being upset with his behavior and content.

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“Sooner or later you’re gonna have to realize I’m the truth,” Lopez said in a video captioned, ‘Dear haters.’ “Until then, you’re gonna keep f**kin,’ shooting yourself in the foot. Trying to f**kin’ be mad about everything I do. Hate everything I do. Find some little thing to talk s**t about.”

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Lopez’s spiel continued into a conversation about “taking accountability for your own actions” and “finding self-love,” explaining that he wants to give his fans the “best version of himself” and that he isn’t “hiding s**t.”

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The allegations against Lopez come in wake of a slew of preceding claims against other high-profile content creators.


Lopez has since responded to the allegations against him in a series of Note app posts uploaded to Twitter on June 22, where he claimed the Twitter user, now named as “Alessandra,” initiated the kissing and “making out,” explaining that there was “no aggression at all” and that she “at no point” had to “force herself out from under me.”

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Lopez also claimed that he himself is a two-time victim of sexual assault, ending his post with an apology to Alessandra and urging victims of abuse to reach out for help.

Stay tuned to Dexerto for more updates on this developing story.

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