TikTok Grammy in 2022? Viral Twitter interaction sparks rumors

TikTok Grammy Award category rumors TwitterYouTube: Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

TikTok became a surprising topic of conversation amidst the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards after Megan Thee Stallion took home Best New Artist — but some fans think the platform could get a category of its own.

It seems that ever since Soulja Boy’s Crank Dat hit the net, people have gone crazy over catchy songs with equally catchy dances to go along with them. Of course, this phenomenon has been around far longer than 2007, but the internet — and subsequently, platforms like TikTok — have made such dances even more popular than usual.

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It’s no secret that some of TikTok’s best content is viral dance videos. Everything from the ‘Savage’ dance to Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ have sparked full-on movements on the app, which became a hot topic of discussion after rapper Megan Thee Stallion won the Grammy for Best New Artist on March 14.

Some critics weren’t too happy about this development, with many attributing Megan’s success to TikTok, claiming that her track ‘Savage’ blew up largely because of its trendy nature on the platform.

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Still others argued that she won the award in her own right — but it seems the topic became such a popular debate that the Grammys themselves may have weighed in on the conversation.

In a March 16 Tweet, the official TikTok account sent out a joking request toward the Grammys, writing, “Aye, @RecordingAcad, let’s duet on an award for next year.”

While this post was very much likely just a light-hearted joke, users across the net are wondering if the app might get its very own award in the future, as the Grammys Twitter account liked the tweet.

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Thus far, it seems like reactions to the possibility are quite mixed; some are not feeling the potential category whatsoever, while others think that a “dancing” category might be warranted.

This would be far from the first time TikTok has been involved in Grammy rumors; ahead of the 63rd Grammy Awards, many fans speculated that Dixie D’Amelio would be performing at the event, although she shut down these theories multiple times.

What are your thoughts on a TikTok Grammy category? Do you think the platform deserves its own award or not?

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