TikTok fans hit out at Not a Content House for “non essential” Las Vegas trip

Charlotte Colombo
The Not a Content House pose together

Several members of TikTok collective Not a Content House have been criticized on social media after it was revealed that they travelled from LA to Las Vegas.

A post on Karina Prieto’s Instagram story revealed that she, Ana Shumate and Devyn Winkler had left their base in Los Angeles, California to visit Las Vegas in Nevada.

LA is considered to be an especially high risk area amid the current health crisis, with an average of 49 new cases everyday being reported per 100,000 people. Comparatively, Las Vegas is averaging 31.2 daily cases per 100,000 people. While there are no current travel restrictions in LA, the Governor and Mayor have recommended that individuals refrain from non-essential travel.

In light of the current situation, fans on social media weren’t happy to see the TikTok starlets travelling. Although travelling in LA isn’t technically illegal, one Twitter user said: “It’s not about ‘legal’ it’s about morality. And influencers have shown all 2020 and now that they lack that. And money is the ruler of all to them. Therefore all who dies from this virus is nothing to them.”

Another fan, who is local to Las Vegas, pleaded with influencers not to travel there, saying: “Can they all just stay out of my city please. I’m so annoyed the strip has been open for tourism.”

However, over on Instagram, fans of the content house were defending them. One Instagram user pointed out that “they all live together,” while another said to the critics: “Y’all are acting like if you had the money, you wouldn’t travel.”

With this drama coming after the D’Amelios and other TikTokers were caught flying to the Bahamas, other fans couldn’t resist making comparisons.

“You can’t cancel Charli and co for flying privately to and from the Bahamas if you won’t cancel NACH for driving to and from Las Vegas,” one fan said on Instagram. “The Bahamas has more rigorous testing requirements than Las Vegas has too. People just pick and choose who to cancel.”

Fans couldn’t resist comparing the situation to Charli D’Amelio’s recent trip to the Bahamas, which caused similar backlash.

Following the backlash, some members of Not a Content House took to Instagram to defend themselves. Devyn Winkler, who lives in Texas, explained that they had to travel because “we have an itinerary we have to follow from our management.”

Eva Cudmore, who is also part of the House but was not present on this trip, joked: “I travelled to a whole other country guys give me some hate.”

Anna and Karina are yet to comment publicly on the controversy.

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