Hotel guest stunned after being charged $175 for putting own items in mini fridge

Kawter Abed
Hotel guest charged $175 for putting own items in mini fridge

A hotel guest was left in disbelief after she was charged a whopping $175 for putting her own beverages in the minibar.

Content creator Bella (dynewithbella) took to TikTok to issue a warning about hotel minibars, after she made a very expensive mistake during her stay at the Venetian Hotel.

In a viral clip with over 3.7 million views, she showed how the hotel fridge was filled with beverages like Jack Daniels and Tito’s bottles, bottled water, canned soda, canned beer, and canned energy drinks.

The TikToker mentioned that hotels impose hefty fees just for the convenience of being able to drink a Coke at 3 am. Consequently, she went to a CVS store to buy her own beverages.

Bella then filmed herself taking out the drinks from the hotel minibar and replacing them with her CVS-bought Aquafina and Pepsi. “Let me just remove all these drinks and then put our own,” she said. “What do you think happened in the morning after I did this?” Bella asked her viewers.

Hotel guest charged $175 after replacing drinks in minibar

TikTok users in the comments speculated that she might have been charged for all the drinks she took out. “Minibar has sensors so if you move or remove something you’re automatically charged,” one person wrote. “You definitely paying for all the drinks,” another added.

In a follow-up clip, Bella confirmed that she was charged for all the items she removed. “We woke up in the middle of the night, a charge on our accounts because we removed those drinks,” she said.

The content creator revealed that she was charged $175 and had to go to the front desk to clarify the situation. Fortunately, Bella had the TikTok video to prove to them that she didn’t drink any of the beverages, and the hotel agreed to waive the charges.

“Anytime you see this minibar, make sure there is no sensors. Confirm with the front desk please,” she advised her 21,000 followers.

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