TikTok bride shades groom for long engagement in ‘savage’ wedding prank

TikTok bride shades groom for long engagement in ‘savage’ wedding prankTIKTOK: theschoolhousevenue

A bride went viral on TikTok after pulling a ‘savage’ wedding prank on her groom for their long engagement.

As the bride Christie and her groom Byron stood before their guests at their wedding, she had a surprise for her soon-to-be husband.

While unfolding the paper with her personal vows, Christie hilariously blew off dust that had piled up on it during the decade and a half she’s waited to become Byron’s wife. 

“When you have been together for 15 years,” read the in-text caption of the viral clip, which has amassed a whopping 20 million views.

“As a tribute to being together almost 15 years, Christie decided to ‘blow the dust’ off of her ceremony vows to Byron,” the video’s caption read. “Byron’s reaction [was] priceless.”

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The groom initially looked shocked, before letting out a smile and quickly erupting into laughter with their equally surprised wedding guests.

TikTok users in the comments were in hysterics over Byron’s reaction to the joke.

“He’s like ‘she’s actually roasting me on our wedding day,'” one user wrote. “He’s thinking ‘OH so that’s how this is gonna be!?'” another quipped.

“Dude’s reaction was amazing. His face says it all, ‘yeah, I waited too long to propose,'” a third said.

Others praised Christie for coming up with the clever prank.

“This girl could write for a comedy sitcom ’cause that was gold. Probably the funniest wedding joke I’ve ever seen,” one commented. “The best man is screwed.”

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“That was the smarted joke I have ever seen,” another impressed user shared.. 

“Just her way of telling him he should have married her 5 years ago without having to say anything,” someone else added.

And others empathized with the bride, as they’re waiting decades for their men to propose.

“I’ve been waiting 22 [years], I think my vows will be going to the grave with me at this point,” one wrote.

“This will be me with 18 years worth of dust lmao,” another added.