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TikTok 0 followers glitch: Fix for account bug as profiles show no followers

Published: 4/May/2021 12:08

by Connor Bennett


TikTok users have been encountering a strange bug that resets their follower count all the way back down to zero, but there’s no need to worry about all those lost followers.

Just like with any other social media platform, building up a following on TikTok can take a lot of hard work and impressive videos.

Some users do, of course, have the luxury of using their already established following and getting them to follow them over to any new platform that they choose to use. 

However, while some people have been grinding away, a strange bug reset a lot of follower counts all the way back down to zero, leaving some users worried about the future of their accounts, especially as some had to keep re-entering their date of birth. 


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The strange glitch first appeared on May 3 and it wasn’t long before users were calling on TikTok to address what had happened to their followers. 

“Either all my TikTok followers decided to hate me all at once or something happened where I’m back at zero,” wrote one TikToker. “It says I have zero followers but my fyp (for you page) says I still have my mutuals and stuff?” questioned another. 

Others thought they’d been banned, especially after TikTok was asking for them to repeatedly enter their date of birth each time they opened the app. However, that wasn’t the case.


How to fix TikTok 0 followers bug

What had happened was, TikTok had been hit with a bug that just reset the count for one reason or another. Nobody had their follower count wiped for good, and they hadn’t lost all their hard work. 

TikTok said that they’d addressed the problem a few hours after it started cropping up. However, as of May 4, users have still been reporting that they’ve been hit by what seems to be a visual bug. 

If you’re still experiencing the issue, there’s really nothing you can do for now. It’s all on TikTok’s side and seeing as they’ve fixed it once, it shouldn’t be hard to sort out again.


We’ll just have to wait and see if they can root the problem out for good, or if it’ll continue to crop up.