Thomas Petrou hits back at Daisy Keech over Hype House accusations

Daisy Keech / Hype House

Hype House manager Thomas Petrou has hit back at Daisy Keech, releasing a video addressing many of the claims she had made about him and fellow TikTok star Chase Hudson.

Following her departure from the Hype House, Daisy Keech posted a video revealing her decision to leave the house and the drama between her and fellow TikTok creators Thomas Petrou and Lil Huddy.

Daisy received an outpouring of support for “exposing” her former group, however, Hype House co-founder Thomas Petrou has finally responded to the claims, sharing his own version of how the feud began.

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The Hype House, Instagram
Thomas Petrou has responded to Daisy’s claims after her departure from The Hype House.

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Thomas Petrou uploaded a video to the Hype House’s YouTube channel on April 2 and explained that he was going to share the “real truth” about what went on behind the scenes.

He addressed many of the points that Daisy brought up in her video, such as who put in money to initially fund the group. He even shared some payment receipts which revealed that he, Daisy and Chase had all invested a similar sum to kickstart the Hype House.

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Another major topic he spoke out about was his role as a co-founder and claimed that he did not have as much control over everyone as Daisy had made out in her video.

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“I’m pretty much the manager of the Hype House, I help coordinate a lot of the events…I’m one of the people that makes decisions but not without talking to everyone on the team. But at the end of the day someone has to run the house,” he added, sharing his role within the group.

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Thomas also revealed that he had grown cautious of Daisy and her lawyer, who he claimed had “suspicious intentions”, as time went by and claimed that he had lost trust in Keech after she had filed for the Hype House trademarks by herself.

The Hype House, YouTube
Thomas shared screenshots of his conversation with Daisy about access to the Hype House socials.

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The Hype House founder also provided screenshots of part of the conversation between him and Keech regarding her ability to access the group’s social media pages and email account.

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He later shared that Daisy had done little to promote the Hype House compared to many of the other stars since it was founded, claiming that she had missed out on many important press events before ultimately leaving the group and filing a lawsuit against her former housemates.

Keech has not responded to Petrou publicly, but there is also the small matter of the lawsuit to contend with.

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