Thomas Petrou and James Charles hit back at rumors of partying in the Bahamas

James Charles and Thomas petrou hit back at rumors of partying bahamasYouTube: James Charles, Thomas Petrou

A slew of high-profile TikTok stars are coming under fire for traveling to the Bahamas for a New Year’s vacation — but some influencers are being wrongfully accused amid the outrage.

The past few days have been rife with backlash against Charli D’Amelio, big sis Dixie, Noah Beck, Chase Hudson, Madi Monroe and others after they posted about their spontaneous trip to the Bahamas.

Considering the current global health crisis, it comes as little surprise that these personalities are being met with outrage from critics amid their travels — but other content creators are getting thrown into the mix, despite staying at home for the holidays.

Thomas Petrou, co-founder of the Hype House, is one of these creators, who hit back at the rumors that claimed he was one of the TikTokers who booked a Caribbean getaway.

“Everyone thought me, Mia, Alex and Kovur were in the Bahamas, but we are not,” he explained in a YouTube video. “We’re in our house in LA.”

That being said, he didn’t take the criticism lying down; instead, he decided to troll his accusers by bringing the Bahamas to the Hype House, creating an entire beach scene inside one of their rooms.

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It’s not just the Hype House getting accused, either; makeup mogul James Charles is also taking some heat after fans thought they’d spied him in one of the Instagram stories posted from the TikTokers’ Bahamas trip.

“Waking up this morning in Los Angeles,” Charles explained in an Instagram post, looking bewildered. “Just thought I’d let y’all know since some people seem to think I’m elsewhere lmao.”

James Charles clarifies that he is not in the BahamasInstagram: James Charles
James Charles clarified that he is not in the Bahamas with other influencers.

Despite his claims to the contrary, it seems that critics of the YouTuber aren’t happy with his explanation, bringing up all the parties he’s been spotted at despite social distancing ordinances in Los Angeles.

This news also comes in wake of names like Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul being spotted at a massive party in Florida, shortly after Paul announced he was leaving Los Angeles and selling his Team 10 mansion.

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