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This week’s funniest viral TikToks: Just Dance baby, drunk horse riding

Published: 6/Dec/2020 12:37

by Georgina Smith


With the never ending abyss that is the TikTok For You Page, it’s easy to miss some of the most hilarious videos that end up with millions of likes and views. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the greatest hits that were uploaded within the past week.

There’s no denying that the funniest content on TikTok often comes from the average user, who graces the internet with the weird and wonderful videos in their camera roll. From dancing babies to horseback riding in Mexico, this app has it all.

So, what went viral this week?

Just Dance baby

TikTok user: uptjulieb


Likes: 11.6 million

People couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw this adorable toddler perfectly recreating Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Pump It’ on Just Dance. The baby’s face was deadly serious as he followed the steps exactly, and had the millions of viewers obsessing over the dancing prodigy in the comment section.


#babypumpitchallenge #fyp #babydorian

♬ original sound – Julie Brown

Horseback riding in Mexico

User: lizzyfromtheblock99

Likes: 2.6 million

It wouldn’t be TikTok if at least half the viral videos weren’t mildly concerning, and users didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when lizzyfromtheblock99 uploaded a video showing her atop a horse in Mexico, explaining that she has no recollection of how she got there.


She’s since uploaded a video explaining that she just uploaded it for her friends to laugh at, and that she’s safe and well.


♬ original sound – Liz

Scaring the neighbourhood kids

User: thick.thighed.chickennug

Likes: 1 million

This TikTok user noticed there were some kids lurking outside on the street by her house, and in the spirit of chaos decided to give them a fright. However, not many people expected quite the gusto with which she made a sheep noise in their direction. As she moves to get a better view, the kids roller-skate at lightning speed into the distance.


Excuse my potty mouth but I love scaring the local children #EasyDIY #fuckchildren #scarepranks

♬ original sound – Satanic.goat.girl

Evil stare baby

User: briallyse

Likes: 6.4 million

Babies seem to be an unending source of TikTok content, and this child went viral for a video of them turning slowly towards the camera with an intense stare.


Briallyse uploaded the video with a variety of sounds over the top, but the ‘Muffins in the Freezer’ remix version by far went the most viral.


Posted this video a few times! Which song do you think it’s best with??😂 #fyp #thingskidsdo #thingsbabiesdo #christmassas #pickasong

♬ Muffins In The Freezer – Tiagz

Affectionate bird

User: monictr

Likes: 2.6 million

This video is equally as wholesome as it is bizarre, showing a huge bird fly up to a man on a boat, before they enjoy a very drawn out hug. It’s not clear if this user is the original source of the video, but their decision to pair it up with the song ‘Just the Two of Us’ was certainly a good one.


♬ Just the Two of Us – Grover Washington, Jr.

With all these viral videos within the space of a week, it does not wonder that TikTok is becoming one of the most popular apps in the world, with no doubt that there are plenty more brilliant and bizarre videos coming each day.