TheDanDangler accuses Kick of shadowbanning her in major crackdown on sexual content

Michael Gwilliam
thedandangler poses for camera

Kick streamer ‘TheDanDangler’ has expressed concern with Kick’s crackdown on sexual content as the platform continues to grow in popularity.

Kick has taken the streaming world by storm, having signed huge names such as xQc and Amouranth with lucrative deals in their war against Twitch.

However, even as the site explodes in popularity, not every creator seems to be enjoying their time on the platform, with TheDanDangler claiming that she’s being targeted… and even shadowbanned.

In a lengthy post on social media, the OnlyFans model voiced her displeasure with how the site is being run, even believing that her concerns could “destroy any potential deal” with the upstart streaming service.

TheDanDangler blasts Kick over sexual content double standards

According to TheDanDangler’s screenshot, she had been warned that Kick wasn’t able to support lingerie, sexual sub goals, suggestive poses and close-ups to meet requirements due to restrictions by Google and Apple stores.

As a result, she had been shadowbanned, but for reasons that don’t make any sense to her.

dandangler kick content
TheDanDangler says Kick shadowbanned her.

“I’ve been thrown into the swimming category while wearing booty shorts. Thrown into the chess category because the staff wanted to ‘joke’ with me, had my category changed 45 times in one stream and more,” she claimed.

However, she went on to say that there were some double standards afoot, further arguing that male streamers have gone unpunished for nudity, twerking and even death threats.

“When I brought my concerns up, my potential deal was revoked because they weren’t giving out deals anymore – so I never had the chance to make an impact, or give clarity to the other women in the category who look up to me, and come to me for answers,” she added.

TheDanDangler is accusing Kick of double standards.

TheDanDangler isn’t the first female streamer to accuse Kick staff of targeting them. MistressMord also claimed that Kick staff came into her chat and demanded she change her clothes.

Back in April, Kick announced new moderation rules cracking down on sexual content and hot tub streams, but so far, women on the platform believe they’re the only ones being affected by these policies.