Kick reveals new moderation rules cracking down on sexual content & hot tub streams

Jeremy Gan
Kick increases moderation on sexual content

Kick has revealed new moderation rules that crack down on sexual content and hot tub streams, in particular, in order to be in line with Apple App Store’s policy for the streaming platform’s mobile app. 

Amid the current streaming war between YouTube and Twitch, Kick came crashing into the fold as a convincing competitor. Offering a mouth-watering 95/5 revenue split, the Stake-owned website has been making waves by singing some of streaming’s biggest names. 

However, its launch has been met with much controversy, especially in its content moderation department. With a handful of particularly alarming streams in recent weeks seeing creators have sex while live, or simply show adult toys on air

Despite the setbacks and controversies, Kick has been slowly increasing and making a name in the streaming space, even coming out with their own phone app

However, Kick has revealed new plans to moderate sexual content in order to keep this mobile version alive and fulfill Apple’s new rules on the App Store. 

In an announcement on the official Kick Discord server, co-owner Eddie Craven announced Kick will be “increasing the moderation on nudity and sexual conduct on the platform.” These changes have immediately come into effect as of April 13.

The co-owner continued to outline that the increased moderation “primarily affects the pools, hot tubs, and bikinis section.”

In the announcement, he specified that underwear, lingerie, and pasties are not allowed. Moreover, offering sexual activities for subs or money is also now prohibited. 

“Please avoid trying to push the boundaries on these rules. We’ll likely update them in accordance with how receptive people are” he wrote. 

He ended it off by explaining that the changes are in accordance with new rules with Apple’s app store has placed.

As of writing, the “pools, hot tubs, and bikinis” category on Kick is one of its most viewed sections and generally hovers as the fifth most watched category on the site.