OnlyFans model accuses Kick staff member of “targeting egirls”

Michael Gwilliam
MistressMord banned on twitch

A Kick streamer has been banned on Twitch after returning to the platform when a Kick staff member demanded she change clothes.

The streaming wars have been heating up for quite a few months as Kick continues to grow and compete with other platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

One of the significant benefits of Kick, aside from its generous sub-split, is its loose rules about what is and isn’t allowed on the platform, giving streamers more freedom to do what they want.

However, not everything is allowed, with streamers such as Heelmike being suspended for an oral sex broadcast – or for instance, with the site cracking down on sexual content. Now, a streamer is accusing a Kick staff member of coming into her chat to tell her to change bras.

Kick streamer returns to Twitch after staff member tells her to change bras

In a post on Twitter, OnlyFans model ‘MistressMord’ posted a screenshot of her Kick chat when a staff member, ‘PredragS,’ informed her that streaming in a bra was against the platform’s rules.

“So I can’t wear this top, but Adin Ross playing [sexual content] on stream is okay?” she slammed. “You do realize girls wearing bikini tops cover less.”

Speaking with Dexerto, MistressMord said that after she received the warning, she went back to Twitch, even though she feels the two have their cons.

“Kick claims to be this ‘[holier] than thou’ new platform that is better than Twitch, but they don’t practice what they preach,” she said.

The streamer went on to accuse the staff member of going after female streamers on Kick for being too sexual, and sent a screenshot of another chat where he warned another female streamer, Aurora, to stop twerking.

“This PredragS staff member has been targeting Egirls,” she claimed. “For example, Destiny did a twerking contest on his stream and didn’t get suspended for it, but Aurora got a warning about twerking on her stream by PredragS.”

kick twerking
A Kick streamer was warned not to twerk by a staff member.

Interestingly, after returning to Twitch when she ended her Kick stream, MistressMord ended up being banned for seven days by the Amazon-owned site – and she has no idea why.

“I have come to the conclusion that Twitch just simply don’t have enough staff to check reports, so they auto ban you after a certain amount,” she hypothesized. “So many people are being banned without proper reason.”

In any case, with the streamer banned on Twitch, she’s yet again begrudgingly returned to Kick.

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